Over 15 years of expertise!


Our team is specialized in e-marketing (e-mail campaigns, SMS sending, deliverability…) since 2004. We are therefore fully aware of all aspects related to the quality of the data used by our clients and we know the importance of having optimized files to avoid problems.

Why choose us?

For our expertise

Spending more than 15 years assisting our clients with their problems and discussing with the main players in the market, that helps!

For our human scale

Our team is small, which allows us to know our customers perfectly and to better understand their problems.


To get someone on the phone?

With us, no call center, no level 1,2,3 support… When you call, you will be connected to people who can answer your questions immediately.

For our relationships

Thanks to our long experience, we have established links with the most influential operators and people in the e-mail industry.

For our reliability

We have integrated into Shakelist tools developed specifically based on our experience, which allows you to benefit from exceptional reliability.

For our prices!

We do not have a marketing department. We manage everything in-house and prefer to invest in our tools rather than in communication.

Any questions?

Whether you are already a customer or not, contact us!
Our team will be happy to answer all your questions.