Focus on quality!

Shakelist is a set of tools focused on the quality of your data. Find out below how we analyze and verify your email addresses.

How does it work?

Send your file

You send your list of e-mail addresses in a totally secure environment.

Shakelist analyzes addresses

The addresses are passed through multiple filters and we validate their real existence (without sending a message to your recipients).

You get the results

Your cleaned list is available for download. You get for each address its status (OK, KO…) and many other information (dangerous, robot…).

Your error tolerance is smaller than you think!

The maximum rate of invalid e-mail addresses accepted by most operators is between 5 and 10%! If you exceed this rate, your campaigns are likely to be rejected or classified as spam!


Some tests performed by Shakelist on your email addresses

For each of your addresses, dozens of tests are performed by Shakelist to ensure the highest reliability in its operation. Here are some of those tests, some of them exclusive to Shakelist.


We validate the format of the address taking into account certain specificities (special characters, etc.)

Email server

We validate that the address is associated with a working mail server.

Dangerous address

We perform several tests (mostly exclusive) to detect dangerous addresses (spamtraps…).

Disposable E-mail

We analyze the address to identify if it is an unreliable disposable address.

Robot address

We make sure that the address is associated with one or more humans and not with robots.


We identify addresses that are associated with roles (support department, sales department…) and mark them as such.

Operator verification

We determine the operator in charge of the mailbox (Microsoft, Yahoo, Gmail…) even behind personalized domains (

Existence of the address

Finally, and this is the value of Shakelist, we communicate with the recipient’s server and run multiple tests to verify that the address exists and works.

We never contact your recipients

All our tests are performed without ever sending a message to your recipients!
Unlike a traditional bounce treatment, Shakelist allows you to check your contacts’ details without ever contacting them!
And that’s just one of our many advantages!