The benefits

By checking your lists with Shakelist, you improve the results of your campaigns and limit problems. Discover all your benefits below.

Improve the performance of your campaigns

Improve your statistics

By sending messages only to valid emails, you improve your open rates, click rates and “positive” reactivity on your campaigns!

Operators analyze these indicators to prioritize messages from qualitative senders and to decide on spam / inbox classification.

Optimize your budget

By removing your invalid recipients from your files, your campaigns will be less expensive and your budget will be optimized.

Get information about your recipients

Shakelist not only tells you if an address works or not.

Dozens of additional information are sent to you such as the type of address (role, robot, free, disposable…) and even the email operator (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo…) when we can identify it formally.

We also identify potential input errors from your recipients. Take the opportunity to update your databases!

Limit the problems

Stay within the limits

The rate of NPAI (invalid addresses) is an indicator scanned by operators to identify senders with bad practices.

If you exceed the alert threshold (usually between 5 and 10%), you may have your messages refused or classified as spam. By cleaning up your file prior to sending it, you won’t damage your reputation!

Ignore robots

Shakelist informs you if the addresses in your file are “role” addresses (contact@ support@ …) or robot addresses.

Even better, we identify “disposable” addresses (which you should not consider reliable). You can therefore exclude these addresses from your future mailings.

Avoid the traps

Operators regularly recycle invalid addresses into “spamtraps” (trap addresses) that allow them to identify senders who do not update their recipients’ details.

It is only sufficient to send an e-mail on a “spamtrap” to be blocked or to arrive in spam at an operator.

By regularly cleaning your databases, you ensure that you do not find yourself in this situation, even if you only send messages occasionally.

Identify qualification issues

By using Shakelist you will be able to quickly identify problems with the qualification of your recipient list.

A high invalid rate is a warning signal that should not be ignored. Rather than routing only to valid recipients, we recommend that you try to understand why the quality of your file has deteriorated!

Stay in touch

Be more responsive

A contact with invalid contact information is a lost customer. By regularly analyzing your files, you can proactively identify address changes and contact your recipients (by other methods!) to make the correction.