Forget invalid emails!

With Shakelist, you can check and clean your emaillists in a few clicks.

What is Shakelist?

Shakelist allows you to check your email lists.
Without contacting the recipient directly, we identify invalid and/or dangerous emails to protect you.

All it takes is one invalid e-mail!

Among the invalid addresses present in your file, some could be extremely dangerous!

The worst are addresses that were valid but became invalid and recycled as spamtrap. It may be enough to send an e-mail to such an address to find yourself blocked by an operator!

By regularly cleaning your lists, you can quickly identify invalid addresses and avoid these traps!

Why use Shakelist to validate your data?

Improve your results

Using cleaned lists for your marketing campaigns allows you not to spend budget to contact non-existent recipients…

Avoid problems

A too high rate of NPAI or a trap address present in your contacts is enough to blacklist you from an operator…

Stay in touch

An invalid e-mail is a lost customer. Quickly identifying a change in contact information allows you to keep in touch…

Did you know?

The maximum rate of invalid e-mail addresses accepted by most operators is between 5 and 10%! If you exceed this rate, your campaigns are likely to be rejected or classified as spam!


How is Shakelist different?


Our technology uses original methods to verify your data and is exceptionally reliable.


Whatever your question, you will always find a member of our team to answer it.


Shakelist is the result of our 15 years of experience as a emailing solution. So we know the subject perfectly well!


Our prices are among the lowest on the market.